Winchester Handcuffs

Winchester handcuffs were started in 2004 by Arnold Newman in Gurnee, IL. The handcuffs were made in Taiwan and the brand name was licensed from Winchester. They were a pretty good handcuff made of hardened stainless steel. Arnold tried to get me to in on the deal with him, but I declined. We talked about his idea for about a year and he credited me with convincing him to go with a well known brand name. The problem was that Arnold was kind of crazy and a very agressive salesman who always talked about getting rich quick. He eventually created a partnership with a stamping company in Chicago and made plans to make the handcuffs in the USA. They ordered a large quantity from Taiwan, I think about 10,000 pairs. The handcuffs didn’t sell that well and Arnold and his partner soon had a falling out. Arnold began making the same cuffs under the name Security and left the stamping company stuck with a lot of handcuffs they weren’t able to sell. Arnold passed away a couple years ago. I think he was 78. I’m very glad I never went into business with him, but I kind of miss him because he was such a character. He was an engineer and I also learned a lot about metals and plastics from him. After Arnold died, the manufacturer in Taiwan which had given Arnold an exclusive on his design asked us if we would like to buy the same cuff with our brand. We now sell the same handcuff under the brand Chicago Handcuff Company Model X55. They are NIJ approved and have been a good product for us. We bought out most of the remaining Winchester handcuffs and still have a few hundred left. They are available at Handcuff Warehouse while our supply lasts: .

Posey Transport Jacket

The Posey Transport Jacket restraint helps control difficult or unpredictable patients during transport. Encases the patient’s trunk and arms in a strong, heavyweight cotton “envelope.” A strap between the patient’s legs holds the jacket in place. Hook and loop closures combined with buckles on the back of the jacket facilitate easy application. Handles on either side of the jacket help with staff control. Available in four sizes. Machine washable.

Pink Handcuffs

Pink handcuffs are some of our biggest sellers. Half of the people who come into our store make jokes about the pink handcuffs, but they are serious business. It started several years ago when Maricopa County in Arizona got a lot of publicity for switching to all pink handcuffs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” made the change to reduce losses of handcuffs. He also believes that the color pink has a calming effect. Prisoner underwear and bed sheets are also pink. Jails and prisons all over the country now use pink handcuffs. While police officers generally do not carry colored handcuffs, many female officers buy the pink handcuffs. I think we also get a lot of orders from people buying them as joke gifts.

Hiatt-Thompson colored handcuffs are powder coated in a process that bakes on the coating at high temperature. Pink is the most popular color. ASP handcuffs use a polymer overmold that comes in numerous colors. Black is the most popular for ASP and their pink handcuffs come in second. Peerless will be the next entry into the pink handcuff race. Their new colored handcuffs will be released soon and I think they look great. I told them to try to find the hottest pink color possible. We will be stocking them in chain and hinged handcuffs and pink leg irons.

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ASP Pink Chain Handcuffs, ASP Pink Hinged Handcuffs, Hiatt-Thompson Pink Handcuffs, Peerless Pink Handcuffs Coming Soon.

ADI Saf-Lok Handcuffs

We had a difficult time importing these for several years, but they’re back. Standard issue in Australia and used by the US Marshal Service, these are some of the highest quality and highest security handcuffs ever made. The advanced manufacturing methods go way beyond anything else on the market.

Yes, they are very expensive. They have always been high priced, but the Australian $ has nearly doubled relative to the US$ in the past 4 years. If you like to have the finest of everything, these are the handcuffs for you. Here is the text from our website:

Easy to Use
ADI Saf-Lok handcuffs are simple to fit and double lock. The smooth ratchet assures that the handcuff can be applied to large or small wrists with minimal effort.
The double locking is by fingertip. This can be done easily and quickly, in any conditions, by all officers. Because double locking does not require a key, control of the subject is gained without loss of momentum.
In stressful tactical situations, as soon as the cuffs have been applied, the officer is free to concentrate on the rest of the mission.
The user-friendly locking system also enable the officer to reset the cuffs quickly on removal, ready for reuse.
In test conditions, the complex tumbler lock has prevented attempts, even by expert locksmiths, to open the cuffs.
The hinge design provides for a semi-rigid handcuff, restricting movement of the subject’s hands in one direction only. Restricted movement means less likelihood of the subject causing self injury. The design of the handcuffs provides a convenient grip for the officer to effectively gain control of an unruly subject. Even if the handcuff ratchet arm is sawn through, the ratchet will stay in position until unlocked. Unique keys offer improved pick resistance over lower quality handcuffs.
Every law enforcement officer needs a set of handcuffs which can meet and deal successfully with all types of situations, including worst case scenarios such as highly agitated subjects under the influence of drugs.
One piece casting of the cheek plates, locking arms, swivels, and manufactured lock pins provides a stronger handcuff. Cheaper handcuffs use laminated plates, rivets and welds. The body and handcuff arm are manufactured as one unit in type 416 stainless steel. The link pins are manufactured in type 431 stainless steel, and the links are manufactured in type 416 stainless steel. The cuffs are tensile tested to 2.2kN exceeding international standards.
Long Life
High quality, long life equipment represents security for the officer and adds value for the purchasing agency. Money saved by purchasing long life equipment can be used to meet other priorities. Using one piece casting techniques during manufacture instead of pressed metal ensures long life.
The materials used in all components are corrosion resistant and hardened to minimize the risk of mechanical damage or abrasive cutting.
Weigh 21.8 ounces.

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