We have uploaded instructional videos to the individual product listings for The Grip Restraints. The Grip uses a seat belt type material that locks with stainless steel buckles. The locks open with a handcuff key and do not need to be double locked. We have Grip Restraint items available in standard nylon, kevlar, and MRI-safe versions with locking buckles made of non-magnetic brass.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: The Grip Restraint System

Improvised Leg Irons for Barefoot Bandit

19 year old Colton Harris-Moore, known as the Barefoot Bandit, was captured in the Bahamas after 2 years on the run. Bahamian police locked him up in improvised leg irons using a length of chain and 2 padlocks. This method would generally never be used in the USA. His crime spree included stealing cars, boats, and airplanes. We hope this scoundrel gets locked up for a very long time.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: a large selection of real leg irons.

Shutter Island Handcuffs

Shutter Island recently came out on DVD and I finally saw the movie. We sold them a lot of restraints for the film. It is set in the 1950s in an institution for the criminally insane. They used a number of Darby handcuffs in the boat over to the island. The inmates working in the gardens are wearing American L100 leg irons and Peerless Model 703 leg irons. They used custom waist restraints with Humane Restraint Model BT48 leather waist belts and custom long chain Peerless Model 700 handcuffs with 23″ chains. Items that they bought but did not make the final cut include Humane Restraint Strait Jackets, Humane Restraint Model ML-200 Locking Leather Mitts, and Humane Restraint Locking Leather Muffs.