Thompson Handcuffs Tri-Max Handcuffs

Thompson Handcuffs has introduced their new Tri-Max Handcuffs. The Tri-Max addresses recent concerns about the vulnerability of handcuffs to shimming. Very similar to Yuil handcuffs from Korea, The Tri-Max uses 2 split rows of teeth on the swinging bow. This allows a shim guard at the center of the split pawls to run through the center gap in the bow. While the shim guard is stationary in the Yuil handcuffs, the Tri-max shim guard floats somewhat with the pawls. This design allows the handcuffs to be opened with a standard key rather than a non-standard split bit key like Yuil uses. The new Tri-Max handcuffs were just released, but we have heard nothing but favorable reviews. Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: Thompson Tri-Max Handcuffs.