Smith & Wesson Weathershield Handcuffs in 6 Colors

Smith & Wesson Weathershield colored handcuffs are available in 6 colors: pink, red, yellow, desert, green, and blue. This is the same Weathershield finish that Smith & Wesson uses on its guns. More durable than powder coating, the finish has vibrant color. I looked up our sales for the last 2 years and here are the most popular colors in order:


Pink wins by a long shot. Then blue. Red and green were close. Then it drops more to yellow, and desert is by far the slowest seller.

We keep a large supply of all colors in stock. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Smith & Wesson Weathershield Colored Handcuffs.

Redesigned ASP Scarab Cutter

ASP has redesigned the ASP 56225 Scarab disposable restraint cutter. The new restraint cutter opens and closes in a clever way that keeps it compact, but easy-to-use. A hole at bottom and included keyring allow you to attach to vest, jacket, pack, etc. You can tell the new one by the word scarab printed on it. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: ASP Scarab Cutter.

Handcuff Wrist Protectors

We stock wrist and ankle protectors from Humane Restraint. The neoprene sleeves velcro around wrists or ankles. Protects skin from damage and irritation from steel restraints. The challenge is to make the protector thin enough so the handcuffs or leg irons still fit over the wrist or ankle while still providing enough cushioning to make a difference. This product does a good job and has become popular since we started offering them. These are much more popular in the UK where officers often handcuff themselves to prisoners they are escorting. That is generally not done in the USA as it is considered unsafe for the escorting officer. It is useful for elderly people with fragile skin and other special situations. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Humane Restraint Neoprene Wrist and Ankle Protectors