Yuil Handcuffs From South Korea

Exciting things are happening at the Handcuff Warehouse this week. We just received a shipment of Yuil handcuffs from South Korea. After a period of unavailability from us we are glad to now have the full line of Yuil back in stock.

Yuil M05 thumbcuffs are a favorite among collectors. These feature two keyholes and two double lock slots, one for each cuff so they operate individually. The special thumbcuff key makes these extra secure as it is unique to this product.

Yuil M-05 Thumbcuffs
Yuil M-05 Thumbcuffs
Yuil M-09 aluminum cuff

Another spotlight in the Yuil product line are the aluminum handcuffs. There are now quite a few Aluminum handcuffs on the market, but the special key Yuil uses makes these more secure than your standard US made aluminum cuff. The only drawback being the unique keys, you do not want to attempt to open these with a standard key as it will ruin the cuffs.

Thats’s not all though. Head over to our website and check out all 15 models of Yuil handcuffs that are back in stock!