Posey Restraint Net

The Posey Model 8115 Restraint Net. Helps control combative patients. Padded cuffs at upper arms, wrists and ankles help hold limbs in place. Head, arms, and feet are exposed, while the remainder of the body is covered by durable nylon mesh. Cross-straps attached to net secure to bedspring frame with easy to use D-ring fasteners. Netting openings are padded for additional comfort. One size fits all standard hospital beds. Machine washable.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: http://www.handcuffwarehouse.com/porenet.html

Humane Restraint TransBoard

Fully equipped Humane Restraint TransBoard is ideal for transport and temporary stationary restraint situations. Board is standard with six-point polypropylene restraint system, but can be equipped with leather or polyurethane restraints. A pillow protects the head from banging. The board is coated for easy cleaning and the runners on the bottom elevate the board for easy access to multiple handles. Multiple handles allow for easy team transpot. Available in 2 sizes. HST-100 is 32″ x 78″. HST-200 is 24″ x 72″.

News Reports on the Closing of Hiatt Handcuff Factory

The Hiatt Handcuff factory closed a few days ago for good after approximately 200 years in business in Birmingham, England. The Times (London) had this story: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article4237515.ece . The Times article focuses on potential shortages, but Hiatt made a of stockpile of product in anticipation of moving the factory, so I don’t think it will be a big problem. Going forward, there may be delays with export shipments of Hiatts products because an individual export license from the US Department of Commerce is required for every shipment out of the USA. This will delay all orders by at least a month and may limit their ability to sell to some foreign countries, agencies, and businesses. The article also states “British police prefer rigid handcuffs or speedcuffs, which are hinged in the middle.” Speedcuffs are rigid handcuffs that are not hinged in the middle. The author may be confusing speedcuffs with Hiatts Ultimate handcuffs which are hinged, but snap rigid when opened.

Here is another article in a British newspaper: http://www.expressandstar.com/2008/06/30/handcuff-shortage-feared-as-firm-goes/ . They take the same angle, focusing on potential shortages. Both articles also mention the protests against Hiatts several years ago regarding Hiatt handcuffs used at Guantanamo Bay. Again, Hiatt handcuffs were removed from service at Guantanamo early in the creation of the prison there. But why let facts get in the way of a good protest?

Here is something from the Birmiingham History Forum: http://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/showthread.php?t=15301&highlight=handcuffs . Some posters speculate that they were run out of the country by protestors. I believe it was a simple business decision. There were only 15 employees at the factory. The business will be easy to move and will be better integrated with the rest of the US based BAE businesses that were formerly part of the Armor Holdings Products Group.

For a history of the Hiatt company, see this link on handcuffs.org: http://www.handcuffs.org/hiatt/index.html .

We still have a large inventory of Hiatt products available on our website at Handcuff Warehouse: http://www.handcuffwarehouse.com/hiattthompson.html .

Hiatt Handcuffs Closes Birmingham England Factory

Hiatt Handcuffs was aquired by American company Armor Holdings in 2006. Armor Holdings was then aquired by British company BAE Systems. The Hiatt factory in Birmingham, England was closed in late June, 2008 and will reopen in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire later this year. Future Hiatts products will be stamped made in USA. We currently have a large inventory, but their may be shortages of Hiatts products before they reopen.

The complete line of Hiatts Handcuffs is available at Handcuff Warehouse: http://www.handcuffwarehouse.com/hiattthompson.html

Humane Restraint Model ML-200 Locking Leather Mitts

Humane Restraint Model ML-200 Locking Leather Mitts. Completely encloses each hand. Use with locking or non-locking belt (sold separately) through D-rings to secure hands at sides or to bed. Locks with old style K-100 keys. 4 included.

This in an old style restraint that is no longer a standard catalog item for Humane Restraint. They make them only on a special order basis. We had some made for a new movie called Ashecliffe which is set in a 1950s institution for the criminally insane. I decided there was enough interest in this restraint to warrant stocking them as a regular item. They are now immediately available at Handcuff Warehouse: http://www.handcuffwarehouse.com/hurelolemi.html

New Cuff Lock Handcuff Key Padlocks

The CUFF LOCKā„¢ Padlock opens with any standard handcuff key. Used for prisoner transport, just one key opens handcuffs and padlock on restraint chain or belt. No more worries if the padlock key is lost. Solid brass body with hardened steel shackle. Good for gun racks, first aid kits, lockers, and many other applications. Keys not included. Weighs 5 ounces. Available in plain brass, or powder coated red, blue, or orange. Coming soon: Cuff Locks in black, extra large Cuff Locks, and Cuff Locks with extra large shackles that will fit directly on blue/black boxes.