New Bikini Handcuff Cases

Customers have often asked for a bikini style handcuff holder and we finally added one to the list of handcuff cases we stock. The Perfect Fit bikini handcuff case is lightweight and takes up minimal space on a duty belt. We have them in belt slide and belt clip models for a standard duty belt. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Bikini Handcuff Case

ASP Rigid Cuffs

ASP Rigid Handcuffs are now in stock. Long delayed, we have been waiting for our first large shipment for years. The ASP rigid cuffs are very similiar to the Hiatt Ultimate handcuffs. The Hiatt Ultimates tended to have issues with the hinges. It is kind of tricky to get the hinge to snap rigid properly every time. This is the issue that took ASP so long. They wisely took their time and appear to have perfected the hinges. The Hiatt Ultimate handcuffs were never big sellers in the USA. They are far more popular in the UK. But with ASP’s training programs, this style of handcuffs may finally become more popular in the USA.

ASP Log Keys

ASP has redesigned its log keys and we stock all 67 keys. The available logos include all 50 states, Puerto Rico, all military branches, police, sheriff, K-9, security, ASP certified, etc.

Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: ASP Logo Handcuff Keys

Thompson Blue Box

Cover for chain style handcuffs made of reinforced ABS and steel. Blue Box Transport Systems: Safe, strong and tough, Hiatt-Thompson Blue Box systems keep keyholes covered for top security during transport or detention. Double locks can be activated from outside of box. Accepts HIATTS as well as other N.I.J. certified handcuffs. Handcuffs not included. Weighs 4.6 ounces.

This easy to use prisoner transport box not only does everything the old black box could do, but also has these new patented features:

-Handcuffs can be preloaded into box before being put on prisoner.
-Box and handcuffs can be applied to the subject from the interrogation position (no more dangerous face to face confrontations).
-The blue box’s patented double lock slots allow you to set the double locks after the prisoner is in the cuffs and the box is locked to the belly chain. (Some S&W models must be double locked first.)
-The box can be used with all professional chain style handcuffs and can be used with the Hiatts “Big Brutus” chain style as well!
-When used with the blue box, a standard set of handcuffs will limit the subject’s mobility, hide the keyholes, and provide greater safety for the transporting officer.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Thompson Handcuffs Blue Box