Safariland Handcuffs Receive NIJ Approval

Formerly Hiatt 2010s, Safariland’s 8112-1-31 standard chain style handcuffs have received NIJ certification.

Safariland has announced that its two most popular models of nickel-finished handcuffs have passed the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0307.01 Standard.

Required by many law enforcement agencies, the NIJ 0307.01 standard establishes requirements and methods of testing metallic handcuffs. The tests include weight and dimensional testing, mechanical strength, salt spray corrosion resistance and cheek plate tamper resistance. Based on a pass/fail system, the Safariland Model 8112-1-31 standard chain style and the Model 8122-1-31 standard hinge cuffs passed all tests.

The Safariland handcuff models 8112 and 8122 are designed to meet the needs of the law enforcement personnel through a variety of unique features. All handcuffs include a back-loading capability that facilitates fast application, and three independent retaining bars with six teeth on each that make the cuffs extremely difficult to shim.

The Safariland handcuffs also have a positive swing-through action, which helps keep the swing arm balanced and centered. Further, the use of a leaf spring instead of a coil spring foils a suspect’s effort to overcome the handcuff’s double lock mechanism. These distinctive features ensure that the handcuffs can be applied with speed and confidence to minimize the risk of injury to both the officer and the suspect.

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