Thompson Handcuffs Bought by Combined Systems

Thompson Handcuffs, formerly Hiatt-Thompson Corporation, has been acquired by Combined Systems. Combined Systems is a leading maker of chemical and impact munitions including aerosols, flash-bangs, and accessories. Thompson Handcuffs will continue to operate in Chicago with current management. Hiatt-Thompson was previously the exclusive distributor for Hiatt Handcuffs in North America. Hiatt was acquired by Armor Holdings, which was then acquired by BAE Systems. Hiatt-Thompson was the first company to develop colored handcuffs. They also developed the Blue Box handcuff cover and magnetic training keys. Since becoming completely unrelated to Hiatt and BAE Systems, Thompson Handcuffs has developed their own complete line of handcuffs and leg irons that closely resemble the original Hiatt models.

Here is the official press release:

Combined Systems Inc. (CSI) has acquired Thompson Handcuffs Corp., a manufacturer of handcuffs and restraints located in Bedford Park, Ill. The acquisition will expand CSI’s product and training solutions in its domestic and international sales channels.

“The inclusion of handcuffs and restraints is a great fit with our current product mix, customer base and marketing strategy,” according to Don Smith, chief executive of CSI. “We look forward to growing the Thompson Handcuffs line of business through an added focus on sales and marketing.”

Thompson Handcuffs Corporation has been developing, manufacturing and marketing a full line of handcuffs and restraints since 1985.

The company holds numerous patents and trademarks and was the first to market a variety of colored handcuffs as a system to assist corrections officers during prisoner transport.

The complete line of Thompson Handcuffs is available at Handcuff Warehouse .