2009 SHOT Show Report

I just got back from the SHOT Show in Orlando.

ASP is supposed to release their rigid handcuffs by early February. They have been anticipated for several years. I had heard that it took a lot of work to perfect the locking center hinge. I examined some and think they did a good job. They are also coming out with red training handcuffs. They will be available in chain, hinged, and rigid. They do not have dials like the Zak training handcuffs. They can just be pulled open. There is enough tension from contact with the pawl to hold the bow in place. Their new logo keys are still in the works and won’t be available for a few more months.

Hiatt-Thompson has redesigned their blue box to accomodate ASP chain handcuffs. The new blue box is a little wider. They have developed a 5 tooth pawl and will incorporate the new design into their entire product line. They are also developing a new high security handcuff.

Smith & Wesson’s long anticipated lever lock handcuffs are supposed to ship in the next few weeks. I played with some and think it is a great design. It is a little different from the first prototype I saw 3 years ago. You pull the lever away from center of the cuff and the lever springs back into place after activating the double lock pin It takes a good amount of force to activate and the lever is low profile, so I think accidental activation of the double lock is unlikely. The lever locks will be available in nickel and Melonite. We currently have their new colored Weather Shield handcuffs in pink and yellow. The additional colors will be red, blue, green and desert. The S&W literature says this about the coating: “An advanced, tough as nails, corrosion protection system. The system, when applied to the critical metal parts makes the restraint nearly impervious to rust.”

Peerless has recently released their new line of colored handcuffs. The cuffs look great and they will be offering all of their products in colors. We currently have all colors in stock except yellow which is supposed to be released in February.

Zak Tool is moving toward more use of polymer keys as they are lighter and less expensive to manufacture than steel. Only the body is polymer, the actual key part is always stainless steel. We are aso working with them on a couple new products.

I asked around about Gotcha Handcuffs by Taper International. I already knew they were dead in the water, but it was confirmed that they haven’t made any handcuffs in over a year and there are no current plans to resume production. They are a good design…maybe they will be able to sell the company.

The new Safariland handcuffs were on display. Formerly Hiatt, the name and packaging are the only changes I can see. They were in clear packaging with hang tags. Monadnock disposable restraints, NIK Flex Cufs, Tranzport Hoods, Spit Nets, and Cuff Aides are all going to be renamed Safariland. I didn’t get a clear picture of when the new Safariland handcuffs will be available…probably by summer.

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    May 12, 2011 – Jackson, Michigan — Law enforcement said they needed a better restraint. So Gotcha designed a totally new handcuff. This patented design addresses all the deficiencies of today’s handcuffs and they are 100% made in the USA. Gotcha’s are lighter, stronger, more secure, and most importantly, easier to use than any other restraint.

    Features of the new Gotcha Handcuffs:

    • First new locking mechanism since 1862
    • Handcuff swing arm stronger than conventional handcuffs
    • Cannot be picked or jimmied by unconventional instruments
    • Key hole located on both sides for enhanced officer safety
    • Molded surfaces reduce risk of abrasions
    • New patented gear operating and cam locking mechanism
    • Ergonomic designed to reduce common injuries to wrist
    • Military grade composite material
    • Extended base for increased officer control.

    “The Gotcha handcuffs worked great. My instructors and I used them in class as well as on the street and they performed flawlessly… I do think you have a major innovation with this product.” Sargent James S. Ulmer, Maryland Special Police

    Gotcha offers professional testing and evaluations, institutional discounts, and free handcuff transition training with agency purchase.

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