Pink Handcuffs

Pink handcuffs are some of our biggest sellers. Half of the people who come into our store make jokes about the pink handcuffs, but they are serious business. It started several years ago when Maricopa County in Arizona got a lot of publicity for switching to all pink handcuffs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” made the change to reduce losses of handcuffs. He also believes that the color pink has a calming effect. Prisoner underwear and bed sheets are also pink. Jails and prisons all over the country now use pink handcuffs. While police officers generally do not carry colored handcuffs, many female officers buy the pink handcuffs. I think we also get a lot of orders from people buying them as joke gifts.

Hiatt-Thompson colored handcuffs are powder coated in a process that bakes on the coating at high temperature. Pink is the most popular color. ASP handcuffs use a polymer overmold that comes in numerous colors. Black is the most popular for ASP and their pink handcuffs come in second. Peerless will be the next entry into the pink handcuff race. Their new colored handcuffs will be released soon and I think they look great. I told them to try to find the hottest pink color possible. We will be stocking them in chain and hinged handcuffs and pink leg irons.

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ASP Pink Chain Handcuffs, ASP Pink Hinged Handcuffs, Hiatt-Thompson Pink Handcuffs, Peerless Pink Handcuffs Coming Soon.

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