New Handcuff Warehouse Website

After almost 9 months of work, we took our new and improved Handcuff Warehouse website live Thursday morning. The website was previously a Yahoo store. Yahoo is very expensive, their technology fell way behind the times, and their customer service is awful. Our new website is a copy of the old one and the transition has been pretty seamless, but it is on a more advanced platform. It will allow us to make more improvements in the future. The old website did not allow online payment through PayPal. The new one does and I am shocked at how many people prefer to use PayPal rather than credit cards. Today’s orders were almost 50% PayPal.

Safariland Handcuffs

The Hiatt Handcuffs brand name has been discontinued and BAE Systems is renaming them Safariland. They have discontinued everything except the standard and oversized chain and hinged handcuffs. The new Safariland handcuff line will include the renamed Hiatt models 2010 standard nickel chain, 2015 standard black chain, 2010s in 7 colors (including blue red, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange), 2003 oversized nickel chain, 2005 oversized black chain, 2050 standard nickel hinged, 2075 standard black hinged, 2054 oversized nickel hinged, and 2055 oversized black hinged.

Discontinued items include all 2103 and 2105 Speedcuffs, UL1 and UL5 Ultimate Handcuffs, 3103 and 3105 lightweight chain handcuffs, 3154 and 3155 lightweight hinged handcuffs, HSS9 high security handcuffs, and all chainwork.

I think the first shipments of the new Safariland handcuffs will be released by April, 2009.

Handcuff Key Extension Tool for S&W Keys

Zak Model 15SW Handcuff Key Extension Tool with Swivel. The standard Smith & Wesson keys are thicker than other standard keys and won’t fit in the regular Zak extension tool. This new tool is specifically made to accomodate S&W keys. “Enhances use of the original key due to the extended barrel length and keyring swivel feature. This allows the user to manipulate the key by rolling the barrel between the thumb and forefinger. To replace the key, unscrew the end cap and insert a new key. Replace the cap and its ready for use. Original issue key is not included in the lifetime guarantee” Includes 2 S&W keys.

Available at Handcuff Zak Model 15SW Handcuff Key Extension Tool with Swivel

Smith & Wesson Weathershield Colored Handcuffs

Smith & Wesson Model 100 Weathershield Colored Handcuffs. Bodies of the cuffs are coated with durable colored coating for easy identification and high visibility. Used on S&W’s rifle barrels, the Weathershield coating is designed for extreme durability and rust resistance. All colors are in stock: yellow, pink, blue, red, desert, and green.

Availalble at Handcuff Warehouse: S&W Colored Handcuffs