CTS Thompson Tri-Max Leg Irons

CTS Thompson Tri-Max Model 9008 Leg Irons are in stock now. The Tri-Max technology has been employed in handcuffs for several years and is now available in leg irons. Their advanced design makes picking or shimming very difficult. There are few options for higher security leg irons and Model 9008 offers a new and improved design.

Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: CTS Thompson Tri-Max Leg Irons

Peerless Cuff Clips Still Available

We have a limited number of the discontinued Peerless Cuff Clips. We ran out a couple years ago, but we bought a few from another dealer who went out of business.

Intended for correctional use, the Cuff Clip fits on a standard duty belt and will hold up to 13 handcuffs.

Available while supply last at Handcuff Warehouse: Peerless Cuffclip.