Peerless 95th Anniversary Limited Edition Handcuffs

This is the first time that we know of that a handcuff company has produced a commemorative handcuff. They are a gold/brass color. It is colored nickel and contains no gold. They are marked “95th Anniversary 1914-2009” and Limited Edition – Model 700L. There are only 400 pairs and they are serial numbered. We have the first shipment with the lowest serial numbers. Order soon to get the lowest numbers. Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: Peerless 95th Anniversary Handcuffs

Zak 16 Jumbo Handcuff Key

New from Zak Tool: Jumbo handcuff key. This handcuff key is 5 3/8″ long and weighs 4.7 ounces. That is much bigger than almost all other keys. The problem with a big key is that it gives you a lot of leverage. It is easy to break the tip. The tip is hardened stainless steel like all other Zak Tool keys, but the big handle provides enough leverage to bend it easily. So if you need a key like this, it will ork well…just be gentle with it. Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: Zak #16 Extra Large Handcuff Key.

Cobra Cuff Disposable Restraints

The new Cobra Cuff disposable restraints are new on the market. The primary differences between the Cobra Cuff and similar disposable restraint are that the Cobra Cuff comes prefolded, it is thicker, the pull tab is built in, and it has an easy-to-use double locking feature. The Cobra Cuff is also available in a blue reusable training model. Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: Cobra Cuffs .