Winchester Handcuffs

Winchester handcuffs were started in 2004 by Arnold Newman in Gurnee, IL. The handcuffs were made in Taiwan and the brand name was licensed from Winchester. They were a pretty good handcuff made of hardened stainless steel. Arnold tried to get me to in on the deal with him, but I declined. We talked about his idea for about a year and he credited me with convincing him to go with a well known brand name. The problem was that Arnold was kind of crazy and a very agressive salesman who always talked about getting rich quick. He eventually created a partnership with a stamping company in Chicago and made plans to make the handcuffs in the USA. They ordered a large quantity from Taiwan, I think about 10,000 pairs. The handcuffs didn’t sell that well and Arnold and his partner soon had a falling out. Arnold began making the same cuffs under the name Security and left the stamping company stuck with a lot of handcuffs they weren’t able to sell. Arnold passed away a couple years ago. I think he was 78. I’m very glad I never went into business with him, but I kind of miss him because he was such a character. He was an engineer and I also learned a lot about metals and plastics from him. After Arnold died, the manufacturer in Taiwan which had given Arnold an exclusive on his design asked us if we would like to buy the same cuff with our brand. We now sell the same handcuff under the brand Chicago Handcuff Company Model X55. They are NIJ approved and have been a good product for us. We bought out most of the remaining Winchester handcuffs and still have a few hundred left. They are available at Handcuff Warehouse while our supply lasts: .