Handcuff Key Retractor

The Gear Keeper handcuff key retractor from Hammerhead Industries is available in fixed end and disconnectable end versions. We now stock both kinds. The disconnectable end can be easily removed without removing handcuff key retractor for belt or having to take off key ring. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Handcuff Key Retractor.

Rivolier Handcuffs and Leg Irons

RV03050 RV03053
We just got our first shipment of Rivolier handcuffs and leg irons from France. These are the restraints used by most law enforcement and corrections in France. Handcuffs are more oval shaped than other brands to better match the shape of the human wrist. They are constructed of aluminum bodies with steel swinging bows and chains. The product line includes high security handcuffs and leg irons that use standard keys plus a tumbler key to lock and unlock the double locks. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Rivolier handcuffs.