Humane Restraint K-100 Key

Humane Restraint K-100 keys and L-100 locks were discontinued about 5 years ago. The keys have been unavailable for several years. Many agencies are still using the older restraints and have been unhappy that they couldn’t get replacement keys. Humane Restraint agreed to make one last batch for us and they are now available at Handcuff Warehouse: Humane Restraint Model K-100 Key

ASP Rigid Lightweight High Security Handcuffs

The ASP high security lightweight rigid handcuffs 2 pawl and split key design makes for an exceptional high security handcuff. Same design as the ASP high security rigid handcuffs, but is constructed of aluminum. The folding mechanism of the ASP rigid design allows these lightweight cuffs to be easily carried. They lock open to provide a palm swell for increased control and radiused edges to reduce injury potential. The rigid configuration offers the most restrictive handcuff structure which makes these cuffs ideal for courtroom or airline restraint.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: ASP Rigid Lightweight High Security Handcuffs

Republic Arms Handcuffs from South Africa

We recently received a shipment of Republic Arms hinged nickel handcuffs from South Africa. Republic Arms handcuffs are discontinued and availability is limited to what we have in stock. These are high quality handcuffs. The locks double lock with a sliding lock like S&W, but the double lock and single lock are released by turning the key the same direction like ASP.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Republic Arms Hinged Handcuffs

Titan Handcuffs by Steve Santini

We recently acquired a pair of Titan handcuffs and listed them on eBay. These handcuffs are made with very thick steel and are some of the most heavy duty handcuffs ever made. 2 pairs of stainless steel and 9 pairs in black were made. This is one of the 2 pairs of stainless. The serial number is 0001.B. The other stainless pair is 0001.A and is viewable here.

ASP High Security Rigid Handcuffs

Our first shipment of the new ASP rigid handcuffs arrived at our warehouse today. They have been in the works for years, so it is exciting to finally get some. We have the high security 2 pawl version in stainless steel and aluminum. The standard rigid handcuffs should be available soon.

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: ASP Rigid Handcuffs

Zak #17 Concealable Belt Keeper Key

Zak Tool #17 black concealable belt keeper key. This key was designed for secure placement within a typical double snap keeper strap. The inside rails of the key slide under one of the snaps while the opposite end rests around the remaining snap. Once in place, the keeper is closed and the key is secure and obscure.