Gettagrip Handcuff Grip

New from Hiatt-Thompson: The Hiatt-Thompson Gettagrip is a polyurethane protective grip that is permenantly applied to your current handcuffs.
Instantly find the handcuff key hole
Substantially improve you grip
Cleans up with soap and water
Ammonia and bleach resistant
Hydrchloric acid resistant
Abrasion resistant
High coefficient of friction
Resists marring or staining
Will not crack or harden

Hiatt-Thompson Colored Handcuffs

Hiatt-Thompson handcuffs are available in powder coated colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, and white. Colored handcuffs have become very popular with jails and prisons. Jails must transport many prisoners back and forth between jail and court every day. They tend to lose a lot of handcuffs in the process. Using colored handcuffs will let every one know which handcuffs belong to the jail. Prisons with multiple units within a large facility can color code handcuffs by unit. Color coded handcuffs can also be used to identify threat levels, ages, agency, medical conditions, and other factors as needed.

Pink is the most popular color. Maricopa County in Arizona started the trend by using all pink handcuffs. Facilities all over the country are now using pink handcuffs. They are also very popular with female officers (where agency regulations allow them). Most people who come into our retail store make jokes about the pink handcuffs, but the popularity of the pink cuffs is no joke. The next most popular colors are orange, blue, yellow, red, and black. White is a new handcuff color that is just starting to catch on.

All Hiatt-Thompson colored handcuffs are available on our website at .