Zak Tool #70B-104 Non-Swivel Handcuff Key for S&W Model 104 Handcuffs

Zak Tool #70B-104 Non-Swivel Handcuff Key for S&W Model 104 Handcuffs. Extra large 4 3/4″ key. This handcuff key does not have a swivel that could break off, just a hole through the center at top. This is preferred for many high security correctional environments. Zak Tool used to make an extended key for the Smith & Wesson Model 104 with a carbon fiber body with pocket clip that was discontinued. The new key is available now at Handcuff Warehouse: Zak 70B-104 Handcuff Key for Smith & Wesson Model 104.

CTS Thompson Model 7084 Blue Box Cover For Chain Handcuffs

The old Hiatt-Thompson Blue Box Model 7082 has been redesigned and renamed CTS Thompson Model 7084. The new box accommodates all standard chain handcuffs including ASP, but can now also be used on leg irons. It takes 2 boxes and 2 padlocks to turn a set of leg irons into high security restraints. The new box is easily identified by its darker navy blue color and nickel plated locking clip. The new blue box still has slots to double lock after the box is applied. Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: CTS Thompson Blue Box Model 7084

Tuff Kuffs Handcuffs

The new Tuff Kuff handcuffs are now in stock. The most innovative handcuffs to come out in a long time, the heavy duty stainless steel construction and high quality makes these handcuffs really stand out. Handcuff inventor and retired police officer Paul Amo has gone to great lengths to make the best handcuff possible. The primary innovation is the center hinge which pivots only in one direction. This allows an officer to rotate the subject’s hands to position them in a stacked position. This reduces the risk that the subject could grab objects, manipulate handcuffs, or slip the handcuffs from back to front. Tuff Kuffs also have keyholes on both sides of each cuff and feature sliding S&W style double locks. Tuff Kuffs have about the same maximum opening size as other standard sized handcuffs, but the design of the swinging bows allows them to close smaller to work on prisoners with small wrists. Weight: 12.3 ounces.

Available now at Handcuff Warehouse: Tuff Kuff Handcuffs