Peerless Cuff Clips Still Available

We have a limited number of the discontinued Peerless Cuff Clips. We ran out a couple years ago, but we bought a few from another dealer who went out of business.

Intended for correctional use, the Cuff Clip fits on a standard duty belt and will hold up to 13 handcuffs.

Available while supply last at Handcuff Warehouse: Peerless Cuffclip.

3 thoughts on “Peerless Cuff Clips Still Available

  1. I work corrections and recently lost trust in regular cuff cases. i would love to purchase a cuff cliff to replace my case. please let me know if you still have any and how much it would cost. it would be much appreciated.



  2. I work in corrections and saw an officer with on of these clips in our SEG unit.
    It is a wonderful attachment when working with a large amount of Inmates

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