American Handcuff Company Items from Ray’s Sport Shop

Ray’s Sport Shop in North Plainfield, NJ recently went out of business and Handcuff Warehouse bought all of their remaining handcuff stock. We got a bunch of S&W, Peerless, and Hiatt stuff, but the real treasure was a number of old American Handcuff Company items. American went out of business years ago (bought by ASP in 2003). We got some N200 oversized handcuffs, Model L-300 auto restraints, standard Model N-105, L-100 leg irons, 2 pairs of N-400 swivel hinged handcuffs, and a bunch of waist chains. We will be selling them on eBay over the next couple months. Here is a link to a current auction: American N200 Oversized Handcuffs.

Ray’s Sport Shop opened in 1947 and Ray is now 92 years old. He tried to sell the company since the 1990s, but couldn’t find a buyer for the whole business that included an extensive store with police equipment, gun range, gun shop, and hunting & fishing gear. A car dealer next door bought the property and will tear down the buildings to expand their lot. Ray’s was a competitor of ours, but I was sorry they closed after I heard the compelling story of their business.