Hiatt-Thompson Changes Name to Thompson Handcuffs and Restraints

Hiatt-Thompson is changing their name to Thompson Handcuffs and Restraints to reflect their independent status. Their new logo will include the same red triangle with the H and T reversed.

Hiatt-Thompson Corporation was previously the exclusive distributor for English company Hiatt Handcuffs in North America. Hiatt was purchased by Armor Holdings, which was then purchased by BAE Systems. BAE closed the factory in England and discontinued the Hiatt name. They are now making the Hiatt handcuffs in New Hampshire under the Safariland name.

Thompson Handcuffs and Restraints is no longer affiliated with BAE and now makes their own line of popular colored handcuffs and leg irons as well as a complete line of handcuffs that are very similiar to the Hiatt line. They also make the Blue Box and magnetic training keys. The owners, Chuck and Dawn Thompson, are very entrepreneurial and are always coming up with something new. Look for them to come out with more innovative products soon.

The complete line of Thompson Handcuffs and Restraints is available at Handcuff Warehouse.