Safariland Handcuffs

The Hiatt Handcuffs brand name has been discontinued and BAE Systems is renaming them Safariland. They have discontinued everything except the standard and oversized chain and hinged handcuffs. The new Safariland handcuff line will include the renamed Hiatt models 2010 standard nickel chain, 2015 standard black chain, 2010s in 7 colors (including blue red, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange), 2003 oversized nickel chain, 2005 oversized black chain, 2050 standard nickel hinged, 2075 standard black hinged, 2054 oversized nickel hinged, and 2055 oversized black hinged.

Discontinued items include all 2103 and 2105 Speedcuffs, UL1 and UL5 Ultimate Handcuffs, 3103 and 3105 lightweight chain handcuffs, 3154 and 3155 lightweight hinged handcuffs, HSS9 high security handcuffs, and all chainwork.

I think the first shipments of the new Safariland handcuffs will be released by April, 2009.