Happy National Handcuff Day!

Yes, today is the big day. There are so many ways to celebrate National Handcuff Day! Of course my favorite way is to buy lots of handcuffs 😉

It started last year when I heard about National Doughnut Day on the radio. I soon learned that there are national days for all kinds of silly things, so why not a National Handcuff Day? The website was designed by Adam Mikulka from Handcuff Warehouse. If you haven’t seen it already, please visit the new website www.nationalhandcuffday.com . The site includes a contest to win a valuable pair of vintage handcuffs donated by Peerless Handcuff Company. I’m happy with the amount of publicity we got and think we can make it an even bigger event next year. And remember, for all your National Handcuff Day shopping needs, see www.handcuffwarehouse.com .