Jersey Cuff Disposable Restraints

Introducing the new Jersey Cuff. With a steel ring at the center, a single strap creates a double cuff that can be pulled tight with one hand. Here is an excerpt from the Jersey Cuff marketing literature:

Almost every flexible restraint on the market is currently being defeated by criminals. They are being “slipped”, broken or picked. The Jersey cuff was designed to prevent most of these issues!

Compact in size – approximately the size of a cigar prior to being deployed, approximately 1/5 the size of most disposable restraints on the market

One “pull tab” instead of multiple – allows the operator to secure both hands with one pull

A non slip hand grip – which prevents the operator from losing their grip when their hands are wet, muddy, cold or they are wearing gloves

Ease of Assembly – The cuffs are easily disassembled and reattached in multiple configurations to fit any of your needs during emergency situations

Multi-Purpose – Allows the operator to secure two Jersey Cuffs together to form leg restraints or prisoner transport belt

Packaging Options – They are sold separately for concealment purposes or as “Tac Pac” which tri-folds containing 4 Jersey Cuffs and a Safety Cutter in the bottom

Safety Locking System – A stainless steel locking system that offers more resistance while also lowering the potential of over tightening thus reducing potential of injury and civil liability to the user/employer

High Strength – UV stabilized material

Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Jersey Cuffs