Hiatts Model HSS9 Nickel Maximum Security Handcuffs

We still have a few Hiatt HSS9 high security handcuffs left. The Hiatt brand has been discontinued and this model will probably not be made by Safariland. Here is the description from our website: Nickel finish hinged maximum security model features a pick resistant wafer lock. When double locked, this is one of the most difficult restraints to pick in the world. They have a lever lock that uses a standard barrel key and a wafer lock that requires a separate special key. Each set can only be opened by the matching key. Other HSS9 keys will not open it unless keyed specifically to that lock. 25 locking positions and a shackle diameter ranging from 5 3/4 inches to 9 1/4 inches. Includes 2 standard keys and 2 special keys. Weigh 13.5 oz.

Available while supply lasts at Handcuff Warehouse: Hiatt HSS9 Handcuffs