Safariland Double Cuffs / Monadnock Double Cuffs in New Colors

Monadnock Double Cuffs are now under under the Safariland umbrella and are called Safariland Double Cuffs. They are now available in 10 colors. The newest colors are tan, olive drab, and lime green. The used to have only a dark green, but that color is discontinued. We have all colors in stock.
Here are the specs:
The Double Cuff features gives the officer greater control and the ability to stabilize the subject after one cuff is in place
Two individual cuffs rather than the standard sinfle cuff for controling both wrists/forearms and ankles
Stamdard length is 34″ (86.36cm)
1/2″ (1.27cm) wide beveled edges to reduce potential for subject injury
Ample space for writing down subject information
Tensile strength for more than 400lbs. (240kg)
Two cuffs in one, which allows for quicker subject control
Available in White, Black, Blue, OD Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Lime Green and Tan