Hiatt Handcuffs to be Renamed Safariland

The Hiatt Handcuffs brand has been discontinued. Hiatt Handcuffs in England was aquired by American company Armor Holdings in 2006. Armor Holdings was then aquired by British company BAE Systems. The Hiatt factory in Birmingham, England was closed in late June, 2008. BAE has moved the Hiatt factory to New Hampshire and will be making the Hiatt handcuff line under the Safariland brand. They will also consolidate all other restraints made by BAE companies under the Safariland brand. This includes Monadnock disposable restraints and NIK Flex-Cufs. Availablity of Hiatt products is limited to stock on hand. The new Safariland handcuffs will be available sometime in early 2009. Hiatt-Thompson Corporation was the sole distributor for Hiatt in North America. They are no longer affiliated with Hiatt or BAE Systems. They will continue to make their own line of popular colored handcuffs and leg irons and a new line of cuffs that are very similiar to the Hiatt line. They also make the Blue Box and magnetic training keys. None of the Hiatt-Thompson products are discontinued.