Smith & Wesson Melonite Handcuffs

Smith & Wesson is about to come out with a new Melonite handcuff. They use the Melonite process to increase the surface hardness of metals used in guns. Now they are making what may be the toughest handcuffs ever made. Melonite is a trademarked name for a thermochemical salt bath nitriding system. During these processes, nitrogen, carbon, and small amounts of oxygen are diffused into the surface of the steel. In addition, small quantities of substrate carbon are pulled from deeper within the substrate toward the surface. The diffusion zone demonstrates a decreasing gradient concentration of carbon and particularly nitrogen as the gradient extends deeper into the surface of the substrate. This property yields a tough outer surface or shell, yet alloys the material to retain ductility, thereby lending to the overall strength of the material. No photos yet, but coming very soon.

Look for them soon at Handcuff Warehouse.