ADI Saf-Lok Model Mk 4 Chain Handcuffs

Easy to Use
ADI Saf-Lok handcuffs are simple to fit and double lock. The smooth ratchet assures that the handcuff can be applied to large or small wrists with minimal effort.

The double locking is by fingertip. This can be done easily and quickly, in any conditions, by all officers. Because double locking does not require a key, control of the subject is gained without loss of momentum.

In stressful tactical situations, as soon as the cuffs have been applied, the officer is free to concentrate on the rest of the mission.

The user-friendly locking system also enable the officer to reset the cuffs quickly on removal, ready for reuse.

In test conditions, the complex tumbler lock has prevented attempts, even by expert locksmiths, to open the cuffs.

Even if the handcuff ratchet arm is sawn through, the ratchet will stay in position until unlocked. Unique keys offer improved pick resistance over lower quality handcuffs.

Every law enforcement officer needs a set of handcuffs which can meet and deal successfully with all types of situations, including worst case scenarios such as highly agitated subjects under the influence of drugs.

One piece casting of the cheek plates, locking arms, swivels, and manufactured lock pins provides a stronger handcuff. Cheaper handcuffs use laminated plates, rivets and welds. The body and handcuff arm are manufactured as one unit in type 416 stainless steel. The link pins are manufactured in type 431 stainless steel, and the links are manufactured in type 416 stainless steel. The cuffs are tensile tested to 2.2kN exceeding international standards.

Long Life
High quality, long life equipment represents security for the officer and adds value for the purchasing agency. Money saved by purchasing long life equipment can be used to meet other priorities. Using one piece casting techniques during manufacture instead of pressed metal ensures long life.

The materials used in all components are corrosion resistant and hardened to minimize the risk of mechanical damage or abrasive cutting.

Weigh 14.6 ounces.

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