Guantanamo Bay Restraints

I recently heard an NPR story about photos of GTMO that were published in the latest issue of The Atlantic. Here is a link to the slideshow on their website: . I have heard a number of people speculate about what kind of restraints they use. What kind of handcuffs do they really use at GTMO? Well, most protesters have it all wrong. Protesters in England have demonstrated outside the Hiatt Handcuffs factory demanding that they stop supplying Guantanamo Bay. I have read about protests there as recently as 2006. In reality, they stopped using Hiatts shortly after the prison was established. I helped them choose their restraints and Handcuff Warehouse sold them most of what they have used since.

The photo at left was taken at GTMO. The restraints on the board are primarily what they use: Peerless Model 700 handcuffs, Peerless Model 703 leg irons, Hiatt-Thompson Model 7082 blue boxes, and Smith & Wesson Model 1840 waist chains with clips added at the ends. The waist chains are secured with our red Cuff Lock handcuff key padlocks.

Photos show (as pictured above) that they commonly use hardware permanently fixed to the floor through which leg irons are threaded to keep the prisoner in position.

More recently, they bought Humane Restraint Model ADL305 Ankle Hobbles with chains in between instead of a polyurethane strap. This creates a more comfortable and humane leg iron. They also bought Humane Restraint Model MND101 Wrist-to-Waist Restraints with foam padded leather wrist restraints. I don’t have any good photos of these in use, but you can see some in the The Atlantic slideshow.

For temporary disposable restraints, they use Monadnock Double Cuffs in white.