ASP Aluminum Hinged Handcuffs

We got our first shipment of the new ASP lightweight hinged handcuffs today. They are orderable online at Handcuff Warehouse. We placed the order with ASP last January, 2007. The chain aluminum handcuffs were very popular, so these should be a hit also. They are the same as the standard ASP hinged handcuffs, but with aluminum bows. This saves about 2 ounces.

The new rigid folding handcuffs are also long delayed and are now scheduled for shipment in March, 2008. The rigid handcuffs are really a copy of the Hiatts Ultimate, but I prefer the more streamlined shape of the ASP. They fold flat for easy storage in a case, but snap rigid when opened. This allows the arresting officer more control. Once you have one wrist in the cuffs, you have lots of leverage to control an uncoperative subject.