SHOT Show Report

We just got back from the SHOT show in Las Vegas yesterday. The SHOT show is the largest trade show for the shooting sports and law enforcement products industries. The biggest news in the handcuff world is a new line of colored handcuffs from Peerless. They are using a new kind of coloring that is used in the automotive industry. This provides a cleaner look than powder coated handcuffs and the coating does not affect the tolerances of the cuffs. I am excited for Peerless and think their new handcuffs will be big sellers. We will be stocking handcuffs, leg irons, and waist chains in orange, red, yellow, blue, pink, and possible “cherry red.”

ASP is coming out with a high security handcuff with a double pawl that requires a special key. The key will look like a standard key with a V cut into the center. The new key will open regular handcuffs, but standard keys won’t open the new handcuffs. They are also coming out with a triple pawl version of their handcuffs that they call “European.” Some agencies in Europe require triple pawls (like Hiatts), so now ASP will be able to compete in that market. ASP production has been extremely backed up, but is looks like they are starting to ship more handcuffs. Their new hinged aluminum handcuffs are shipping this week, and the new rigid handcuffs are supposed to come out next month.

Nothing new from S&W. Their stock has recently dropped from the $20s to $4. Not good.

I didn’t see anything new from Hiatts either. It is generally expected that BAE Systems will sell most of the Armor Holding products group soon.